Surviving Unemployment



According to Statistics from National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), unemployment rate in Nigeria is 18.8% and Youth Unemployment is even higher, standing at 33.1%.

It can be frustrating applying for job after job without getting the reply you want. The reason is that available jobs are not enough to go round the unemployed or underemployed qualified applicants.


These tips to survive unemployment will hopefully get you the job you want but they will also help you stay sane while unemployed.


Time Management

Set aside a part of your day to search and apply for jobs. Great places to start are this site, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Use the rest of your time as a development opportunity to better yourself. Let the time you are unemployed count for you not against you.


Time is on Your Side

Time can be your best friend or your worst enemy while unemployed, you just have to choose which you want it to be. When you get an interview, your interviewer will want to know why you have blank spaces on your resume. Although, the employment situation in Nigeria is known by all, an interview is not only the chance for the employer to meet candidates, it is also a competition between applicants. Find a way to make the best use of this time to differentiate yourself from the ceowd.



Free Learning

Unemployment sets your finances back but there are many free, easily accessible learning opportunities out there. On YouTube, Edx and other resources online, you can learn a variety of languages, IT skills or that much desired skill in the sector you are applying to. The only cost to you is your time and the cost of the data to access the Internet courses.

You can find cheap  night data plans then download the materials you need at night and study them during the day.

You will not only be learning new skills, it will give you a sense of achievement that  beats those unemployment blues.



Get Certified, whether it is getting chartered or studying to get certificates specific to your area of study. It will improve your Resume and boost your chances of securing a job.


Cheap Training

If you do not enjoy self-paced learning, look around you for cheap training opportunities. Find a skill you can build on and affordable opportunities to learn it. This can be from a friend or someone who provides the services in your neighbourhood. Cheap training opportunities include baking, design, Leather works, Graphics design, Coding, IT software packages among others.

There is bound to be something out there for you. If you need any pointers, read this article.


Scholarship Opportunities

If you graduated with good results, there are many scholarship opportunities available to you. Search and apply for scholarships to gain higher or complementary qualifications, you can even see this process as part of your job application process.



Check freelancing Websites for areas of specialization specific to you. Some freelance websites list projects in writing, teaching English and It skills. Sign up to these websites and apply for posted jobs.

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This is not a conclusive list of the things you can do to keep sane while job hunting but just a few tips. Please share your thoughts in the comments section. Stay positive and good luck in your job hunt!




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