Work From Home: Freelance


Looking to make some extra cash? Have you considered working online? Freelance.

I know what you are thinking: “Oh, another shady online scheme that will waste my time and pay me pennies.” No, this is different.

People around the world are looking for freelancers who will provide high quality services at the most competitive prices. This demand created online marketplaces open to workers worldwide. The most popular of these marketplaces are

  • Upwork
  • PeopleperHour

Out of all these, Freelancer is the most accessible. It does not require a lengthy registration process to get started, unlike Peopleperhour and upwork which vet applications before you can become a member. On, all you need is a profile picture to start bidding on jobs, or projects as the website refers to them.


The great thing about is the wide range of jobs available. From data entry to ghost writing to graphics design, coding and web development. It therefore, provides opportunities for people with specific skills set and those without any.

This also provides an equal challenge in the form of competition. Projects can have zero bidder or as many as 300 freelancers bidding on one project. To secure projects, you need to have an attractive profile. The following are some of our suggestions to increase your chances of winning a bid:

  • Have a professional Profile picture of yourself or Your Business logo
  • Describe your strengths in the job areas you are applying to
  • Specify how you developed your skills whether from experience, education or both
  • Include a Portfolio to show prospective employers what you can do
  • In the beginning, bid on projects with smaller payouts. Freelancer works on a review system, where Employers and freelancers review each other after a project. At the beginning, you will have zero reviews. Unless you have a high profile external project that you can direct employers to, they will not award big projects costing thousands to a newbie. So use our bids wisely.
  • When you are awarded a project, deliver a great result and keep to the time and cost you promised the employer to get a good review.


Bidding Requirements

You get some free bids on creating an account. To use all your bids, you will have to confirm your personal details such as e-mail address, phone number. You also need to confirm your identity with a facebook / linkedin account and some form of payment whether paypal or your bank card.


You will be prompted to enter contests at some point to continue using your free bids. This is where an employer posts a challenge and the price they are willing to pay. Freelancers can submit entries. After a specified time, the employer chooses the entry they like the most and award the money to the winner.


There are some optional fees such as fees for boosting your bid to the top or increasing the number of bids you have. Just remember that bids are a risk and spend wisely on the site.

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