Choosing the Right Career


Career Choice

Your quality of life largely depends on your choice of career considering the amount of time spent at work and doing work-related activities. Having a job that fulfills you can go a long way in determining how happy you are in general, in and outside work.

In economies such as ours where unemployment rate is high and youth scramble for whatever job is available, job satisfaction may not be on our list of priorities. However knowing what job suits you the most can open your eyes to scouring for tasks that fulfill you in your present job or allow you change careers if a good opportunity comes up.

Factors to Consider

  • Passion
  • Strengths
  • Values
  • Work Environment
  • Skills, Education and Experience


Think back to an activity you liked and enjoyed doing in school or in your personal life, even thinking about it can fill you with happiness. Without being forced, you tried harder, persevered more and the time you spent doing it seemed to just fly by. These can be writing; debating; cooking; organizing among others. Your passion can be more than one, list these activities and rank them on how passionate you are about each activity.



Everybody is born with some innate strength, this might be seen as a talent and you do it very well without exerting too much effort or you do it better than others as a result of continuous mastery. Either way, these are skills and attributes that you excel at.
Make a list of these strengths (you can also ask your friends and close family to tell you what they think you are good at and compare them with your list) and rank them, with your strongest first.


We are still on the internal and working our way to the outside, your values are characteristics of people and expectations of life that are important to you. These include honesty, diligence, family life, faith and the list continues. Your vales will determine your attitude to your work expectations and responsibilities.

If for instance, you value family above anything else and your job requires long hours with the result that you barely see your family or spend time with them, it will affect how worthwhile you find your job. List 5 values that are most important to you and rank them in order of importance.



We are now moving to external factors, these are the realities of each job title which may tarnish the idea of your ideal job. These include physical work environment (indoor, outdoor, a mixture); team mix; career growth; method of leadership; training opportunities among others. While compromises are inevitable in any workplace, your productivity at work largely depends on how well your personality fits with your work environment.

When determining the right career for you, spend time to find out the daily activities of someone already working in that role. When applying to work in a company, read newspapers and talk to two or three people working there to get a feel of their corporate culture.



Skills: there are so many skills that employers seek which you may have displayed in a formal setting (work or education) or among friends and family.
If for instance you always plan and organize your friends and family’s parties with a high degree of success, this is a valuable skill.

Education: certified formal education.

Experience: transferable skills from your personal life, unrelated jobs that can be useful in your new job.


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